Hellgate Armor Escape

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It’s not your intention to be involve in this tangle of chaos. You’re just jogging in this area when your eyes fall on a sheet of paper. You normally only see leaves here as not many people go in this direction. So your curiosity gets the best of you and you bend down to pick the paper up. As you’re bending, you hear some voices of people hurrying. You stay low trying to reach the paper when one of them urges the others to run. You finally reach the paper and look around. The people are nowhere to be found anymore. So you read the writings on the piece of paper. It’s the address of the place you’re in. You turn the paper around to see the bold letters telling the reader to find the hellgate armor. You have no idea what this means.

As you’re turning around to leave, you see a woman in a business suit coming near you. It seems like she wants to ask something so you wait for her. Then she tells you to start the mission now and she’ll keep an eye out. She’s saying that since you have the paper you must be from the company working for her. And if not, then she just has to get rid of you. So you decide to work on this mission without having any clue on what’s this for. Play Hellgate Armor Escape outdoor escape game by Yolk Games.

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Walkthrough video for Hellgate Armor Escape

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