Royal Residence Escape Game

Royal Residence Escape

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Imagine in this game you are the prime minister of your country who have been taking part in conferences with the leader of your adjacent country for years in order to discuss the details of a new pipeline through the two country. It is essential for both of you to be provided with enough natural gas and crude oil in the following years. One day you got a phone call from this prime minister and he invited you to his mansion to fix the results of the last meeting. On the next day you were already  in his livingroom, signing the treaty which was highly beneficial for your country. He left with the document and said he will be coming back in ten minutes. When you glanced at your watch after twenty minutes you realized maybe he forgot you there. Turning down the latch of the door - for your biggest surprise - you found it locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out somehow soon. Have fun!


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