Rescue Gold Forest Cave Game

Rescue Gold Forest Cave

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Among all the rescues you've done, this seems to be the most ridiculous one. You're a trained rescuer. You felt scared at first. But facing your fears became normal. So you started putting others first and your fears stayed at the backseat. You've rescued people from volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and even floods. And you were able to save lives which was truly satisfying. But the mission you're given right now is like a joke. Why in the world do some minerals lost in the forest need your rescuing skills? You tried to argue it out with your superior stating there are other important things than gold. But he insisted that this one is as important. You let him continue his words. And that's when you knew of the probability of the presence of the gem of life. The organization's just trying to keep it away from wrong hands.

And they have to make you do the mission as you don't look suspicious at all. People might just think you're wandering around. You felt the weight of your work and you continued out. It's like stepping into the hobbit's world. But the sun's rays will greatly help in finding the shiny treasures. Rescue Gold Forest Cave is an outdoor escape game by Knf Games.


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