Rose Room Rescue Game

Rose Room Rescue

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You entered a show room in search for your ideal room. When you were younger, you always loved pink. But as you grew older, you distanced yourself from anything that's too girly. You don't want others to see you as someone who's weak. You lived your life for a long time hiding what you really want. Every time you see something pink, you have to hide your excitement. And it became tiring for you. But still, you really want to experience having it. So you gave in to your hidden desire and you went inside the rose room. It was as pretty as it can be. You can see your childhood dreams come to life with the colors and designs. So you basked in the pretty and gently ambiance of the place. Then you received a call from your friend looking for you.

You definitely can't tell him that you're inside the rose room of the showroom. So you scrambled to get out. However, as you tried to go through the door, you simply can't. You panicked but then calmed down instantly. You need to focus your mind if you want to save your image. Play Rose Rescue room escape game by The Escape Games.

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