Mysterious Rock Cave Escape Game

Mysterious Rock Cave Escape

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There was this good article you read in the newspaper about the lost treasure. It brought you interest and check for this cave. Luckily it’s near your town! You research everything you need to know about this treasure. You excitedly drive to the next town and forget to tell anyone about your plan. As you stop in the location you saw that it’s closed and no one is allowed to enter the premises. You checked the surroundings and see the guard house, luckily he is sleeping. You sneak out and enter the cave. You were amazed by everything you saw, there was a sign and some pictures inside. After 25 minutes of walking inside ATLAST! You saw what you’re looking for! It’s the golden Buddha! You get it without thinking and that’s where the cave starts trembling. The sign says that is someone gets the Golden Buddha, the cave will trembles and lost. Hurry and Go out of this cave before it collapse! This game is sponsored by Knf Games. Best of luck!


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