Lost Horse Rescue Mystery Game

Lost Horse Rescue Mystery

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You are having the best time as a jockey. You won ten straight races and this is all because of your horse, Blue Swayze. Tonight could be your eleventh professional win so you went to the stable to feed your horse. This is to give him energy when the race begins. But to your surprise, the horse is not in the stable. Someone must sabotage the race. The truth is, you don't care about the race. The only thing that you care about is your horse. They say that dog is man's best friend but for you, it is your horse. You are so famous because of the races you've won but that doesn't mean anything if you can't find your horse back. Because of this, you have to go around the place and find your horse.

For sure, there are clues and hints that can help you to find your horse so you have to be observant. Then the next thing that you must do is to solve the mystery of who could have done this to your precious horse. Lost Horse Rescue Mystery is the newest outdoor escape game from Free Room Escape that will test your logic. Best of luck!

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