Escape Vermont Game

Escape Vermont

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Alliyah, your cousin, called you to visit them in Vermont. You haven't been there before. Your cousins had been living there for almost three years now and you still haven't visited them. It was such a heartbreaking moment when they left. They were your best friends but you had to be apart. And now's such a great opportunity for your reunion. They'll be paying for your expenses. Plus you'll get to see Mt. Snow, the one they can't stop talking about in their messages. When you think of it, it all seemed like such a good idea. But a little voice inside of you was having hesitations. You wish you can ignore this little voice. However, the last time you did, things became a serious lump of mess. Then again, you can't just let this opportunity pass you by. It would take a fortune to reach them. So you're off.

You arrived in Vermont and Alliyah and the others ran out to greet you. You found it hard to escape their hugs. It's like she's never been this happy to see you. And you thought, things can only get better. Your aunt and uncle prepared such a memorable meal and you were floating on clouds. The next day, you set out to explore Mt. Snow and you got yourself lost. This outdoor escape game Escape Vermont from Hooda Math will let you explore the place like no other.

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