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Escape From Prison

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A huge misunderstanding brings you here in this high security prison. You are not a culprit. It never entered your mind. However, you are having a hard time explaining it to these guards. So you sit at the corner for a while to think about what happened this morning. Your alarm sounded early in the morning and you pulled yourself out of bed. After your morning rituals, you went out to work. Work seemed pretty normal and even boring that you lost track of time. Then, someone sat in front of your desk and started talking gibberish. It was a nice distraction from your work so you listened to the person for a long time. Then as if in a trance, your visitor stood up, thanked you, and walked away. A parchment laid on your desk. And it sent you to prison.

You tried to trace the origin at first. However, nothing could point you to anyone or anywhere. So you went back to your work when men in black suit approached you and escorted you to this prison. You may have stolen some time off from work by talking to the stranger. But you think it's not enough to put you to prison. Escape from Prison is a room escape game by G7 Games that requires you to solve puzzles to ensure your freedom.

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