Escape Ninja Temple Game

Escape Ninja Temple

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Being a ninja is so cool but it's not easy. You've spent a lot of years in this temple to learn about various ninja moves. The good news is, your stay in the temple is about to end. Today marks your final test so you have to do your best. The ninja master has set up puzzles all over the temple that you have to solve. He also left clues that you can help you to solve those puzzles. But being a ninja is not just about the ninja moves, you also have to showcase your logic. Therefore, you have to think about every move that you will make. However, those puzzles are not the biggest challenge for your test. The twist is, you have to escape from the temple before the timer runs out or else, you'll have to stay.

Because of that, you have to start right now and think of a way to solve the puzzles. Ninjas are also resourceful so you have to use the objects that you can collect along the way in the best way possible. Play Escape Ninja Temple room escape game by Selfdefiant for Mouse City and use your ninja skills to escape. Best of luck!


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