Ninja Room Escape 2

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It’s a relief the ninja is not inside. If he is, who knows what will happen to you. You know ninjas can be very stealthy. And they can easily attack you without making much of an effort or noise. You are not a ninja and you know that the slightest wrong move you make will end you. Fortunately, the owner is not in the house. He has some assassin duties to fulfill in the next village. You simply accidentally entered his house as you are being chased by some people. These people are talking about bringing a good person down. You clearly heard everything they said as you were lying down on the grass. When they noticed you, they started following you and you ended up here. The house isn’t locked when you entered. Maybe it’s because ninjas are very capable when it comes to defending themselves.

However, getting out is a problem. You can hear some people talking outside and you’re thinking the owner might have returned. So you try to find other exits without catching the attention of anyone who’s outside. But will you be able to leave without facing the ninja? Play Ninja Room Escape 2 room escape game by Mouse City and save yourself.