Emerald Forest Escape Game

Emerald Forest Escape

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Emerald is your birthstone and you believe that this will protect you in everyway. You want to gather more stones so you went to the Emerald Forest. But while you were in the forest, something came up. Wild animals started to appear so you ran as fast as you can. This is the reason why you lost your way but thankfully, there are lots of emeralds all over the place. This means that you are safe and that you can find your way out. However, you still have to work for it. There are lots of puzzles that you have to solve but you should not worry too much because the emerald can help you out. There are clues in every stone so you have to find as many stones as you can. The more stones that you can find, the more chances that you have.

Therefore, you have to start right now and look for the items that you need. You must do this as fast as you can so you can escape sooner. Emerald Forest Escape is a brand new outdoor escape game from WoW Escape that will test your logic and your escape skills. Good luck and have fun!

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