Emarald Green House Escape Game

Emarald Green House Escape

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You really like the color of the house. It reminds you of the tail of a mermaid you meet a couple of years back. She was swimming leisurely beside the boat you rented while fishing. You don't know if that was a fishing spot. What you just wanted at that time was to be alone. So you rented a fishing boat and set out somewhere to fish. Then this mermaid appeared beside your boat. You're too sulky to even care. Thankfully she was a friendly and curious one. She was observing you from afar. You had your rod on the water with not much fish. She thought you may be sad so she tried to catch some for you. However, even she found it hard. So she surfaced to tell you about it. You ignored her at first. But she was so concerned about you.

After that day, you never saw her again. But that memory remains with you and you fondly look back at it. Now you're inside an emerald green house. You can feel that the owner is someone you know. However, she never appeared in front of you. Will you ever see the owner somewhere else as you escape this house? Play Emerald Green House Escape room escape game by Escape Games Today.

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