Cookie Pizza Escape Game

Cookie Pizza Escape

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While going through today's mails, you noticed an elegant letter. The design stood out as it is not the ordinary ones you receive. You're actually very thankful to see a mail other than the bills you need to pay. You hesitate to open the letter. But when you checked the address, it's meant for you. There was once a news about some people putting dangerous powder inside the letters. So you carefully opened the letter but thankfully there was nothing to worry about. The letters you saw in movies were similar to the one you have. It's like it comes from a royalty. While opening it, your mind wandered to different places that this can come from. You don't know anyone from any of these places though. So someone must be playing some tricks on you or someone really wishes to contact you. The first line puzzled you.

"A pizza?" What's with these pizza and cookie that you're reading about. This must have been for the bakery. But it contained your name and it's asking you to visit the place. You know about it and there are always many people there so no one would dare try to hurt you. You went to the place and got locked inside. Cookie Pizza Escape is an outdoor escape game by Yolk Games.

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