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Sneaky Mystery

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Summer is coming and you're dreaming of a wonderful sunny beach. However, the weather today is still a bit cold and you have nothing else to do. So you reach for you laptop to search for the places you could possibly visit. Your search turns up amazing beaches and most of them can be found abroad. Even if it's far from reality that you can reach these places, you still enjoy looking at it. You've heard from somewhere that you need to have a vision board so you can achieve dreams easily. So you just make this as an excuse to choose for pictures to place on your board later. Then you come upon a blog about a beach near you. You then plan to visit it this weekend. It will only take you a few minutes to get there and it seems to have a lot of visitors.

You pack your bags and go to the beach early on a Saturday morning. You're the only person there when you arrive. So you wander about freely stopping every little while to take pictures. But since you woke up very early, you feel a bit sleepy. You can see the beds by the water and you take a little nap there. Then something strange starts happening. Sneaky Mystery is a room escape game by Melting-Mindz.

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