Kids Play Room Escape Game

Kids Play Room Escape

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You're an aid in a kid's playroom this summer. You need to earn extra cash so you'll be able to have your dream vacation. You've been planning to go to a foreign country since the start of the year. However, you always run short of cash since unexpected things come up. So you end up saving a little and pushing your travelling date for later. But this time, you want to make your dreams come true. And being an aid is one of your many part time jobs. Your day starts with walking the dogs and this comes in second. You only need to spend three hours here. After this one, you'll move on to your next job. But you're not able to leave early today because of this one little kid. He's alone most of the time and he likes playing with puzzles.

You kind of feel sorry for him. But you totally understand him. You're once was the kid who's always on the sides and being quiet. And you're a bit like that til now actually. That's why you understand these kinds of kids. You try to talk to him but you remembered how you felt when someone tries to make you talk back then. So you just let him be. After a little while, everyone leaves the playroom but you notice that this kid is still inside. Play Kids Room Escape and help the kid get out of the place.


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