Babysitting Fun Game

Babysitting Fun
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You need to gain extra dollars to pay for your tuition fee next semester and luckily, Mrs. Faustino is here to offer you something. She wants you to babysit her 5-year-old child, Justin. She offers you $100 dollars for a day of babysitting. Because of this, babysitting sounds fun and cooler than ever. She told you that Justin is such a good boy so you don't need to worry. She didn't leave you the key to make sure that you will be inside the house the whole day. But by the time she stepped outside, baby Justin became wild. He is not the child she told he was. As a matter of fact, he's doing everything to hurt you so you'll leave him alone. He's acting like a rude man and not a baby. When his mom called, he turned and acted like he's gonna punch you.

He did this for you not to mention the bad things that he's been doing. Your life is somehow in trouble with this kid playing around. You have to escape from the house. Babysitting is not fun anymore. Play Babysitting Fun and escape from the baby. Enjoy this adventure game brought to you by Carmel Games for Mouse City!


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