Area 51 Aliens Escape Game

Area 51 Aliens Escape

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Everybody knows about Area 51 but no one ever really confirms what it is all about. Some say that it is a top secret place for aliens. You are so curious about it so you went to the prohibited area. It's not so easy to enter the place but somehow, you managed to make it inside. And the hearsays are correct, it is really about aliens. There are tons of them inside and also massive numbers of scientists. You sneaked around to find out more about the place but what you discovered will put you in trouble. Not all the aliens in there are dead in fact, there is one alien in the room and he saw you hanging around. Looks like he doesn't want your company and his stare is the signal that you have to get out of there.

But when you thought that entering the area is hard, you are wrong because escaping from there is much harder. You have to go through a lot of puzzles before you can escape from that area. So you have to find clues and use your logic to complete the Area 51 Aliens Escape. This brand new room escape game is from Free Room Escape. Can you make it? Good luck and have fun!

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