Valentine Aliens Escape Game

Valentine Aliens Escape

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Valentine's day is fast approaching and many people still don't have dates. Most of the people procrastinate to find someone to date. But humans are not the only creature who wants to have a date this Valentine's day, aliens too. They are here on the planet to find a date and since you are the most beautiful human on earth, these aliens will do anything just to have you as their date. However, you already have someone for Valentine's day and it seems awkward to date an alien so this is a big no-no for you. But they won't stop until they get you. They are on their UFO and they are out to find you. You have to escape from these aliens and you must do everything to get yourself out of their site.

Love is on the air and aliens too. Find clues that can help you to escape from these aliens. There are also items that you can collect and it can be useful for your escape plan. Play Valentine Aliens Escape and convert these items into an escape tool. This brand new point and click outdoor escape game is made by Games 4 Escape. Good luck and have fun!

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