Aliens Confidential Cottage

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This house Daemon just passes-by everyday was actually the place he had been looking for years. It was a secret aliens’ base and in it of course everything they have including their ship!

Daemon was after this ship for it had been his life’s work in the department to find this thing. Sadly he wasn’t able to up until his retirement. But now that he has found it, his youthfulness sort of flourished back. Daemon needs to get this ship and find-out more about it, but that would mean entering the aliens’ place so this could get dangerous. Escape players, Daemon needs to get to this extraterrestrial ship, will you help him get inside the house then and find it? It could be in the garage part of the place or something just to conceal it.

Aliens Confidential Cottage is a brand new point-and-click exciting escape game released by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Aliens Confidential Cottage

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1 year ago

As I understand it, “WoW” expects the player to see all this multi-colored picture and immediately admire. “Oh, what colorful buttons! And you can also press them! WoW!”