A Forage For Booze Game

A Forage For Booze

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You simply can't celebrate any occasion without wine. Your discovery of wine is unlike any other. One day, you were brokenhearted. Your lover turned out to be someone you shouldn't have met. All the heartaches of the world filled you. And you can't just cry it out. So you went inside a bar to do a reenactment of your favorite scene in a drama. Most of the dramas you've seen have the main leads drinking alcohol to drown their grief. Since you don't really drink, you're just there for the feel. However, the bartender gave you a drink seeing how pathetic you look. You took a sip. The explosion of flavor amazed you. The bartender kept on giving you more of this wonderful concoction. Later on you discovered it was wine. And the bartender owns the vineyard that produced the grapes for that particular wine.

Since then, you decided to have the a drink of wine during new beginnings. You and your friends decided to go on a trip to celebrate New Year. You haven't done this before. And you're pretty excited about it. However, when you searched through your essentials, you couldn't find your wine. Play A Forage for Booze outdoor escape game by Enagames to enjoy your wine.


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