Finding Hidden Eggs

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You have a farm that you visit once a week. The caretaker is doing an amazing job when it comes to taking care of your animals. He also makes sure that the place is sanitary enough so both people and animals will be safe from diseases. Even so, you want to check on your animals personally. Everything looks good and the animals seem to be living comfortably. However, you noticed one hen that is walking back and forth. You watch her for a while but she really seems to be looking for something. You ask your caretaker about and he goes inside to check. And that’s when he knows what’s going on. The poor hen lost her two eggs. It shouldn’t have mattered if you or your caretaker took it. But both of you are busy checking on other animals before reaching the chickens.

Now this has become a mystery. Then again, before finding out who stole the eggs, it is more important to find the eggs first. You offer your caretaker a break and you start your search alone. You look at the hen and she seems to be losing hope. And you can’t let that happen. So play Finding Hidden Eggs outdoor escape game by Craze in Games.

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