Winter Resort Rescue Game

Winter Resort Rescue

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You couldn't help but look at the kids at the winter resort. You somehow wished you were able to enjoy this place when you were younger. That way you could've practiced more and be able to do more every time you visit. But since you couldn't turn back time, you just had to make use of what you had. The kids' giggles and cries could be heard all over the place. You thought this must be one of the reasons why your parents didn't bring you this place back then. It was quite challenging alone but with the kids it was almost impossible. You sat at one of the benches to check on your gear and equipment when you saw a little boy entering a resort room. You thought his parents were inside. However, the boy didn't come out of the room anymore and no one was going in.

You also heard some adults looking for a little boy. You tried to approach the parents to tell them about the boy you saw. But they already rushed out to look for the boy outside. You wanted to stop them but you believed it was more important that the boy got out first. Play Winter Resort Rescue room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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