Wild West Town Escape Game

Wild West Town Escape

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It's not too wild in this part of the west that's why you love to stay in here. You barely see fights and peace is really obtainable in this place. But if you really think that it's peaceful in here, then you are wrong. You are lying on your bed when you heard something from outside. It sounds violent and when you peeked through the window, you saw that the cowboys are in town. They are the least thing that you want to see in this town. You don't want to fight them so there is nothing that you can think of but to escape from this town. In that way, you can also escape from trouble.

You love this town so much and you don't want it to be wild. Because of that, you have to start solving the puzzles that you can see along the way. There are lots of puzzles but you should not worry too much because there are also lots of clues that can help you out. Don't ever use violence. Hence, use your logic to get away from here. Wild West Town Escape is the newest room escape game made by 5n Games. Best of luck!

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