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Vintage House

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It's not easy to maintain a legit vintage house. First, you have to make your house old. Because of this, some parts of your house might break. Oldness is the essence of vintage so you have maintain the original parts of your house. However, this vintage house aged more than a hundred years. This why some parts of it are already fragile. On the other note, you don't want to renovate anything because the value might go down. You also don't want to break anything in here so even though you can't open the door, you can't easily destroy it. You have to look for a way to open the door gently. There are items in this vintage house that you can use. However those items would be worthless if you will not use your logic to think of a way to use those items in the best way possible.

There are also clues around the house that can help you to escape if only you will look for those. You must be very careful and quick so you can't break anything from this vintage house. Play this brand new room escape game by Mirchigames and escape from the Vintage House as fast as you can. Good luck!

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