Unlocking Adventure Find Key Boy

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The key boy under the possession of Jerick is not a normal thing, for it is a key the size of a child and the thing can walk and talk! This creature can open something big and Jerick doesn’t know what it is, but that’s not the point of why he keeps this thing in his house. For one they are already friends, and two this guy gives him good luck.

That day, Jerick had a difficult time trying to find his key friend for he needed his help on something, but in his search he found him in one of the rooms in the house and he couldn’t get out of it! Looks like Jerick is going to need another key here, one that can open the door of this room where he is. Escape players, come and help Jerick here locate this key, will you be able to find it somewhere in the house and free his unusual friend?

Unlocking Adventure Find Key Boy is the newest point-and-click indoor rescue escape game created by 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Unlocking Adventure Find Key Boy

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2 months ago

The game does not load. Neither here nor on the 8B website. It’s really locked!!!!!