Undercity Throne Room Escape Game

Undercity Throne Room Escape

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Undercity Throne Room Escape is an escape game in which a boy found a very interesting book in the library. It was about the Undercity Throne and he liked it very much. The book had many pages and even if it was very interesting, the boy felt asleep as it was very late. But luckily he started dreaming about the book, it felt like he was inside the story. The only problem is that in his dream he is trapped inside this Undercity room and needs to escape. As he didn't finished the book yet, he doesn't know how to escape. So help the boy search around for clues and find the way out. Good Luck!



  1. Date: April 8, 2015
    Author: dewed
    Sliding puzzles ruin it for me every time

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