Treasure Map Escape Game

Treasure Map Escape

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Treasure hunting is the real essence of being a pirate. So you got your things ready for your treasure hunt. Your pet parrot, wooden leg and eye patch are equally important but the treasure map is the most important. Pirates don't use GPS or any high-tech device to find the treasure instead, they use maps. In this way, their logic will work. You are one of these pirates now. However, you are still a newbie so you don't know how to use bare maps yet. But of course, you don't want to spoil that secret so you kept it by yourself. You keep on following the map but you realized that you are already on the wrong island. What you saw is not treasure but garbage. Your colleagues are also out of sight and you are the only person on this island.

Collect clues that can help you to use the map correctly so that you can go back to your ship. But you have to escape from this island first. There are items around the area that you can use to escape. Treasure Map Escape is the newest point and click room escape game by 5n Games. Best of luck and enjoy escaping pirate!

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