The Midnight Escape Game

The Midnight Escape

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You are in the middle of your dream when you found yourself in a magical place. The place looks so real to the point that you don't know if this is a part of your dream anymore. This place takes you away from reality but you still know that this is not real. This is just a dream but it pulls you in it. You have to escape from this midnight madness before you become a part if this dream forever. In this place, everything is magical. You can collect items everywhere. Your imagination is your limit so you have to use your logic to make the best out of it. The thing is, there are so many puzzles in this midnight dream that you have to solve before you can escape. Thankfully, there are also clues that can help you out.

Another thing is that you have to escape before the morning comes. This means that you only have a few minutes left to escape so you have to hurry up. Can you make it on time? Play The Midnight Escape point n' click room escape game by Mirchigames and use your logic to find your way out. Best of luck!

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