The Magic Bucket

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After the Eight Games by the clowns, this is now your chance to showcase what you got. You are a well-known magician and in fact, you are the greatest magician in the city. So what you will be doing today is a magic trick that you’ve never done before. You will try to disappear and shrink yourself into The Magic Bucket. And it’s no surprise that this trick is a success. In short, you are now inside The Magic Bucket. But there is one thing that you are not successful with and that is to go back to the real world. You can’t get out of the magic bucket. Everybody is waiting for you to come back and finish your trick. This is indeed a sticky situation but you have to prove that you can pull this off and that you can escape from the magic bucket.

The first thing that you have to do is to find clues that can help you to escape. Second, you have to collect items that you need to go back to normal. You have to be quick before you get stuck on The Magic Bucket forever. You will surely enjoy this newest room escape game from Eight Games. Best of luck!