The Circle 2 - Drum House Escape 20 Game

The Circle 2 - Drum House Escape 20

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You are yet to meet another soul. This soul can likewise be controlled once you find the right items. You have only a few experience when it comes to controlling souls. And most of them are very challenging. Just like rebellious teens, some of the souls are fighting back. It seems like they don't want anyone messing with their freedom outside their bodies. So you always need to have the right items ready and the right actions known to control them. Because when you don't, you'll end up chasing after them like a balloon released of air. And you never dream of additional work like this. Bringing them out in the open is almost an impossible task already. Chasing after them once they're out will might as well make you want to give up. But you're successful with your previous tries. You just have to keep your success streak going.

Upon arriving at the area, you see a very large drum. You're guessing this is where the soul must come out. So you look around the drum trying to figure out how you'll be able to do it. But other things catch your attention. You go over at the other items hoping to make sense of the situation. Play The Circle 2 - Drum House Escape 20 room escape game by Enagames.

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