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Sweet Home Fun Escape

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Finally Yuna had a holiday from work and it's like a beautiful escape from the city, well her destination is even more sweet though for her grandparents allowed her to use the summer house near the mountains for her time off! The last time Yuna had been there was 10 years ago and she thought the place would be now different, but as she got there she saw that it hadn't changed a day. Her grandparents couldn't be with her though, for they are also on their vacation and are currently staying at her parent's house, and so she will be alone in the place for close to a week.

Yuna was on her 3rd day stay there and it had never been better, it's serene but the lack of work is getting her restless for she was accustomed to being bombarded by work. Luckily her grandparent's luxurious wooden house has her covered, for now she realized that she couldn't get herself out of the place! Yuna asked for something now here it is, the doors are all mysteriously locked and she couldn't understand what's the cause of this, but of course she needs to solve this for the place belongs to her grandparents whom she loved dearly. Escape players, come and check this escape adventure with Yuna see if you can escape the house safely.

Sweet Home Fun Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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