Stealing The Golden Car

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Another challenge for Agent Lee. After your successful mission last time, you’re starting to get use to things. You no longer feel like you’re violating anything. It’s such a treat to not hear any news about your missions. It seems like the organization is making sure to make your missions as unknown as possible. And when you have people backing up the things you do, the burden’s lighter. Now you’re happily waiting for the next mission. And just when you’re about to ask Agent Lee about it, it arrives. You smile widely as he reads to you your new mission. It’s stealing a car with laser beams for security measure. You haven’t encountered anything like it. And you can’t wait to see how Agent Lee will handle it this time. You likewise can’t wait to know your role in this mission. Will you act as a lookout once more?

You can’t really tell. But regardless of what role you’ll be playing, for sure you’ll be entertained. Agent Lee has a lot of tactics and you know he might pull off new ones this time. After minutes of packing, Agent Lee asks you to be on another adventure with him. Play Stealing The Golden Car outdoor escape game by Enagames.