Small Forest House Escape

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There was this house which was made of wood in the middle of the remote and forested area, and when Carmen found it she stopped. She never thought there was a house in this place, she is currently heading to the next town and she took a shortcut through the forest. And now this structure is stopping her in moving for it got her curiosity.

And so Carmen entered the house and she expected the inside of the place to be old and empty for it seems to be unoccupied. But she was wrong though, for when she entered there she saw that the place still has its things and it was full of it even! Okay, she is definitely an unwelcome guest here now. And so she proceeded to get out for she knows that she is trespassing but then trouble strikes. She could no longer get out of the place due to the door now being locked! This crept Carmen a lot for she knows that the door was open, but when she tried to leave, it was now closed and locked. Looks like the owner here is on to her now, which means she needs to escape from there before this situation gets even more worst for her. Escape players, come and help Carmen here escape from this old house in the forest and quickly then, for she knows she is already in trouble and she is not about to let this get worst.

Small Forest House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Small Forest House Escape

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