Secret Door Escape 3 Game

Secret Door Escape 3

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So the second secret door was opened. But who would've thought another one would pop up? You were busy trying to make a sketch of the system that hid the second door when someone knocked on your door. You didn't like interruptions but you just couldn't ignore it as well. So you got up and looked from the window. However, the person was standing on the porch and you couldn't see him. You went down the stair and peeped through the peep hole. Then again, the man was wearing a brimmed hat and was looking down. You had the feeling you shouldn't entertain the person. Yet you also wouldn't be able to know what he wanted so you could get rid of him. You opened the door slowly and braced yourself for an attack. But instead, the man showed his smile and greeted you.

He looked pleasant and friendly that you somehow relaxed. Then you asked him about his intentions and he straightforwardly said that he wanted to buy the house. It shocked you but he already took out the money as payment. However, you told him to be back the next day for an answer. He couldn't get anything more from you, so he left. And that was when you began to explore the house until you opened the secret door. Play Secret Door Escape 3 room escape game by NSR Games.

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