Room Escape: Strange Case

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Escape players, you will be playing as detective Cain here and you are not just a normal operative, for you specialize in the paranormal which this county here has no shortage of.

That evening, Cain found another defiled grave at the cemetery. This had been happening for a month now and almost every night. This is getting out of hand and the people in this community are starting to worry about it. Soon they will be too scared of living here and they’ll leave, in the end there will be no people to protect in this place. Cain doesn’t want that to happen, that’s why he’ll solve this now while there is still a chance. Escape players, you will be Cain on this case, will your skills and logic be significant enough to solve this?

Room Escape: Strange Case is a brand new point-and-click spooky investigation escape game released by Labeledman.

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Walkthrough video for Room Escape: Strange Case

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3 months ago

it broke after the first palce