Rock Shelter Escape

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The rock shelter was once an underground base here for civilians to hide in. It’s snaking everywhere and it could be as long as 20 kilometers down there. But now it sits quiet and abandoned and of course unsafe too. But Elton still went down there for even though it is abandoned, he thinks there could still be valuables down there or better yet, treasure!

Elton knows he is placing himself into a real situation here if something ever happens, but he is not seeing that yet though until, it finally dawned on him! Elton got lost in the snaking tunnels there and really, he should have tried to search for a map to it and maybe even set a guideline when he entered. Now that he is lost down there with only the limited knowledge that he has and of course luck, he needs to make those count. So much for treasure down there, but he kind of steered himself into this trouble by not preparing, and now he needs help. Escape players, there is no help coming for Elton here, but will you be that help though and see if you can get him out of there safely? Careful now, or you might push him deeper into the ground there.

Rock Shelter Escape is a brand new point and click tunnels escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Rock Shelter Escape

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