Robot’s Quest – Find Robo Julian

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Robo Julian is Penelope’s house’s helper. This robot was built for the purpose of housekeeping and general stuff in terms of kitchen duty and it is pretty efficient in doing its job. Penelope personalized her robot though, and it has a name which was Julian. That day, Penelope needs Julian on the double here for she is making something big and she doesn’t have help. But Julian cried for help instead for at the moment she is trapped in a room!

Julian was about to bust the door but Penelope did not give her the go signal, for it’s a perfectly good door and she cannot afford that being destroyed. Escape players, Penelope will be tackling this in a more gentle approach, would you like to help her find the key to it so that Julian can be freed?

Robot’s Quest – Find Robo Julian is another new point-and-click indoor rescue escape game made by 8B Games. 

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Walkthrough video for Robot’s Quest – Find Robo Julian

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