Recover The Ninja

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It is now your turn to enter the zombie circus land for one of your mates just got in real trouble there. Your mate and friend was a ninja and a very good one too. He was sent to the place for he was in a mission to try and find something there, but instead of completing the mission, he got in trouble and was even turned into a zombie!

That’s something very concerning and you are now worried. You are next in the mission here to try and rescue your ninja friend. But there is an add-on to this task, you must try and find the only serum there somewhere in the place which can cure your friend, that’s hopefully for there is no guarantee that this said serum would work. The main thing is just to get your friend out of there as quickly as possible. Escape players, this is now quite the terrifying task you will be facing, but will you be able to rescue your friend from the scary place?

Recover The Ninja is the newest point-and-click scary rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Recover The Ninja

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