Quest Of Jungle Escape Game

Quest Of Jungle Escape

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They say that lion is the king of the jungle. But you want to prove that you are the real king. So, you went to the jungle to conquer all the quests in it. When you walked into the jungle, all of the animals made way for you. But if you think that they really made a way for you, you are wrong. Because when you looked at your back, the lion is there. Looks like you failed to impress him and the animals in this jungle. The lion is indeed the king of this place and there's nothing you can do but to escape from here. However, he is not happy with your appearance. He is so vicious and he wants to have you as his dinner. Lucky for you, he is still kind to give you a chance to escape.

The thing is, you have to solve all the puzzles before you can escape. He didn't allow the animals in this jungle to help you so you have to find you own way. In line with that, you have t use your logic to the puzzles. Quest Of Jungle Escape is the newest outdoor escape game from WoW Escape. Good luck!

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