Project Failure Office Escape Game

Project Failure Office Escape

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Project Failure Office Escape is the newest point and click escape game created by Ekey Games for more fun escapes here in a seemingly dilapidated office. Best of luck!

Levy got called in that day, for as the company's resident detective he must respond to something really mysterious which happened in the office and nobody can explain it. Suddenly, the important files there got soaked by water which mysteriously seeped from the walls, objects came flying all over and the damage in the entire complex was now obvious. All employees and personnel left the building as Levy does his investigation, it's kind of ridiculous why they need a detective here, but the CEO can think of nothing else on what he needs to do so it's all on Levy's hands now.

Levy was already doing his investigation but in the middle of all of it however, something happened which got him in some trouble and it's quite serious. Levy got lost in the office and that's after he shut the power out for there could be a huge ground here thanks to the puddles of water and other stuff. Levy doesn't know how it happened and he is sure he knows the office very well, but somehow he doesn't anymore! Escape players, something is definitely going-on in the office here or Levy could just be confused, in any way it is he still must find his way out. Try the escape here with Levy and see if you can all find your way out of the office safely. Have fun!

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  1. Date: August 6, 2019
    Author: Frogger
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