Pretty Girl Escape (Big Escape Games)

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You are now trying to escape this castle for you are starting to feel something about it and it’s not good. The place is a ruined one and there seems to be some weird things happening there that you cannot explain. As you try to get out of there, you found a girl and she is trapped in this sort of magical field which she cannot get herself out of.

Escape players, you were really about to proceed with your escape but as you saw this girl, you wanted to help her. Okay then, you are going to need to find some things that can free this girl for this is magic we are talking about. Will you be able to find a thing or two so you can get her out and then you can escape together?

Pretty Girl Escape is the newest point-and-click rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Pretty Girl Escape (Big Escape Games)

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3 months ago

Well… I’d say the cats add some life to this game. Moreover, there are clearly 2 cats – they are different. The one that “creeps” is okay. But the second one, the one in all the pink… What hentai anime was it copied from?

3 months ago

kitty, kitty)) The game is great! And the music is mesmerizing!