Pop Star Couple Escape

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Lavinia is sad she didn’t get to meet her idols who visited this grand red house they can move into here in the neighborhood. Oh well, she said. Maybe she’ll just check the house here and then lock it after for the next potential buyer. But as she was roaming around the rooms there, she found the pop star couple who were her idols and one of them is trapped in a room there!

They were here the entire time? Why isn’t anybody helping them there? This is definitely a mix of different circumstances which led to this, but not to worry though for Lavinia will definitely help them. Escape players, it’s like a dream come true that Lavinia is finally meeting her idols, but she didn’t expect it to be this way. Would you like to help Lavinia here so she can safely help the couple out?

Pop Star Couple Escape is another new point-and-click indoor rescue escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Pop Star Couple Escape

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