Old Royal House Escape Game

Old Royal House Escape

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You don't know how many years had already passed since you last stepped out of the royal house. You never aged and your family members looked the same as always. Your every need could be provided even if you were all inside the house. And you were okay with it for at least a couple of hundred years. But after seeing a butterfly fluttering by the window, your mind changed. You began to wonder what was it like outside. Your mind began to wander to every imaginable and unimaginable place that could be present behind the walls. Aside from these, you wanted to once more feel the rain and snow on your skin. You would also want to see the glistening surrounding where you'll be able to make snow angels. But above all, you wanted to feel alive again. All of these circled your brain as you think about escaping.

Then one night, you began to make your move. You didn't want to let your family know about any of your plans and dreams. However, you definitely wanted them to be a part of it. So you worked silently on your own for so many nights until you finally found a way to escape the house. Play Old Royal House Escape room escape game by 365 Escape.

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