Newly Moved House Escape Game

Newly Moved House Escape

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Newly Moved House Escape is the newest point and click escape game from Genie Fun Games for more dose of fun adventures here plus and escape!

Moving to a new house to live in has all sorts of stresses and absolutely, a whole heap of work. Jake was on his move now from the big city to the rural parts of the country, but well he is still excited for the house he is moving into will become his permanent and also, the place is very livable. Jake successfully finished his move and spent a whole month trying to fix the place and that day, it looked like it is finally decent, but still the house was a bit unfamiliar to him which was unfortunately, a bad thing.

Jake was arranging some stuff when suddenly, he heard a loud bang and thereafter, the doors could not be opened no more! That is instantly two problems at the moment, but Jake is more concerned of the loud bang though, for wherever it came from it could cause a fire. Well, Jake must first escape from the rooms here easily without destroying anything so he can check whatever happened. Escape players, care to try the house escape adventure here with Jake and see if you can make it? Good luck then everyone, enjoy!

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