A boulder is blocking the entrance to this cave in Mystical Stone Cave Escape.

Mystical Stone Cave Escape

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You lived all your life in a cave because you are from a family of scientists who are studying all sorts of natural phenomena. Sometimes you even think that you’re probably adopted because you have no interest in Science. You do love to read, however, since there’s nothing much to do. You’re always going along with your dad to town to get supplies, too. Taking out your recorder, you turn it on and start to capture videos of everything. But it’s not like you need it because you have a photographic memory.

This ability may soon prove very useful as one day, your older brothers challenges you with puzzles they created. You began studying the mechanics and in no time at all, you solved them. Your brothers can hardly believe it and in a fit of rage, attacks you. They put you in a cage at the basement of their room where you  start to plan for escape.

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