Mysteries Forest Escape Game

Mysteries Forest Escape

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Uncover mysteries with us escape players, this time we'll do this in a wilderness filled with mysteries. Mysteries Forest Escape is the newest point and click forest escape game from Mirchigames for another adventure somewhere.

Through the centuries, the weird and dark forest have had a lot of stories about it and most of them are about local people venturing deep within it and never really return. But with all of those negative stories, there are also bright ones like the place providing never ending supply of produce to the locals and also, there was this one that the place is actually hiding a treasure which up until now, it doesn't have confirmation if it was ever found or even true.

As a treasure-hunter, Benson knows positively that the forest has something to hide and he just relies with his gut even though there are really no hard evidence about it. In fact those are the kinds of things why people get lost in there and not to be seen again, but Benson seems confident, and he knows he'll find whatever treasure is hiding there. Well escape players, want to join Benson here on this treasure hunt without facing a problem? That's extremely doubting but it's an adventure so, go ahead!

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