Mountain Sheep Escape Game

Mountain Sheep Escape

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The land is now covered with sheep suddenly, well that's because the shepherd's herd enclosure got ravaged by a pack of wolves and immediately it was pandemonium in the field! The wolves have already got their fill but the problem isn't over yet though, for the sheep are now scattered across the land causing more headache to the shepherd. That day, he had called from his friends who lives at the town to gather his sheep, for the wolves will not stop and they'll take the defenseless sheep one by one. As one of the friends of the shepherd, Tobin will help even though he is still young for this, but the man is his friend.

Luckily though, the sheep will follow anyone they see and there is no need to wrangle them or anything. Tobin finally found a few of them and he only has to venture more until he has gathered enough to get back to the fields. Will Tobin get more without being confronted by those wolves? Escape players, come and join in the escape plus a great save here for the shepherds sheep before night comes, for the wolves then will become active.

Mountain Sheep Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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