Monkey Go Happy – Stage 401 Game

Monkey Go Happy – Stage 401

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Monkey operatives HQ had gone with extra precaution for this new mission, for there are once again mini-monkeys scattered in some area and people there are in-need of help! This time, the location was in an infirmary where a patient is still in. The doctor there is about to do a procedure when suddenly, a whole bunch of mini-monkeys sprung-out from a compartment and are now scattered the things all-over the place! This is a crucial time now especially for a life is at stake here, most definitely HQ will send in help to retrieve all small monkeys there as soon as possible.

A monkey operative have finally arrived at the scene and work must be done right-now, the operative must also do this thoroughly for if one mini-monkey is missed then it can happen all-over again. Escape players, come and join us once again on this mini-monkey retrieval with the operatives, can you retrieve all the destructive smaller monkeys here in a medical facility?

Monkey Go Happy – Stage 401 is the newest point and click retrieval escape game created by Pencil Kids. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is a part of the first as the start of the series.

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