Modern Spa House Escape 3 Game

Modern Spa House Escape 3

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It's nice to treat yourself every once a while. This week has been so stressful and you needed to pamper yourself. Now that the weekend is here, you went to the spa downtown. This place is exquisite and everything in their spa is modern. They even offered modern treatments that you liked. This day is really relaxing especially the massage. But looks like this place is too relaxing to you because you fell asleep in the spa. When you woke up, it's already midnight and the entire spa is close. You don't plan to stay here overnight so you have to leave the place quickly. However, there is a problem that you first need to solve before you can leave. The door in the spa won't open and you don't have a key that can open it.

Because if that, you have to look for items in the room that you can use to unlock the door. This is the puzzle that you need to solve quickly. To complete your escape, you have to use your logic to solve this puzzle. Modern Spa House Escape 3 is the newest room escape game by First Escape Games. Good luck and have fun!

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