Meet My Love

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Bugsy went to his lover’s house for he will be proposing to her that day. He is confident he is going to get a yes, but he still have that little-bit of hope that he really will. As he arrives at the place though, he discovered that his girl is trapped in a room there in the house!

Escape players, Bugsy needs help here for he did not expect to find his girl in this situation as he got there. Will you assist him then so that his lover can be freed from the room where she is trapped. Maybe Bugsy will find an opening here to give his proposal from this.

Meet My Love is a brand new point-and-click indoor rescue escape game released by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Meet My Love

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3 months ago

Hmmm… Well, what can I say about this game? I made it to the end, got the final picture with two bunnies and the caption “Love You…!” and took a screenshot of it.

But I didn’t get any enjoyment out of this game. In fact, its entire difficulty is based on typical pixel hunting – searching for small objects that are hard to distinguish at a glance. That’s all.